How does UWCM manage to stay diverse?

July 8, 2023

How does UWCM manage to stay diverse and provide scholarships to students coming from different backgrounds? Let us tell you about the current initiatives and projects and how you could get involved.

We are incredibly grateful to have welcomed 70 students on a full or partial scholarship this past school year. All our students together bring a wide range of perspectives, backgrounds and experiences into to classroom and this enriches the educational environment for all.

Although we offer scholarships to young people from all over the world, we have identified several groups for which we specifically raise funds. We believe that for these students in particular, education is a major step forward. We are also convinced that when they return home after their studies, they will help build a better future for their country. With this in mind we raise funds particularly for: young women in the Middle East and North Africa, students in Ukraine, Palestine and Lebanon and refugees all over the world.

The financial support comes from donors who align with our mission of creating a better world through education. We are very happy to also see more and more alumni donating to our scholarship fund! Not only does this enable talented students, who may otherwise face financial barriers, to experience the transformative UWC education, it also enlarges our credibility. When potential students, families and partners see the commitment of our alumni to our scholarship fund, they recognize the strength of our school and the vibrant community it has. Your contributions serve as a testament to the lifelong impact of a UWC education and inspire others to engage with and invest in our mission as well!

We therefore kindly ask you to make a donation to our scholarship fund.