Fees and Financial Details UWC Maastricht

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Fees UWC Maastricht school year 2023-2024:

  • Primary school (ages 4-11): €7.060
  • IB Middle Years Programme (ages 11-16): €10.445
  • IB Diploma Programme and Career-related Programma (day students, ages 16-19): €10.815

If you are looking to become a residential Diploma Programme or Career-related Programme student, please go to UWC International for more information. There are scholarships available for this route (depending on need and allocated based on a financial assessment).

Fees UWC Maastricht for the current school year (2022-2023) are €6.420 for our Primary School, €9.675 for our Middle Years Programme and €10.015 for the Diploma or Career-related Programme.

Additional Fees

  • Initial application fee to be paid upon applying: € 730
  • Graduating exam fee (for IBDP2 and IBCP2 students): €800

Payments have to be made via bank transfer. Unfortunately it is not possible to pay the school fee in cash or by credit card.


Bank Account

Please find below the bank account details of UWC Maastricht.

UWC Maastricht
IBAN NL09ABNA0586114750

Please indicate the name of your child(ren).

Application Process

Paying the application and the school fee is part of the Application Process. There are other actions for you as well.

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