Help us to be diverse and inclusive!

Wendy arriving at school

Diversity is crucial at UWC Maastricht, as we are convinced this is the starting of a peaceful and sustainable future. By bringing the world into our classrooms, students learn to navigate the tensions that divide our world and begin to see the similarities that unite us. They bring these experiences and skills with them wherever they go next, helping others to resolve conflict and build bridges rather than walls.

In order to bring together this diverse student body we need your support. To give you an idea: every year two thirds of our graduating class relies on external financial support.

With your donations and support, we are able to offer scholarships to those young talents who would not be here otherwise. At the same time their perspectives and experiences are equally important for the entire school, to make it truly diverse, international and transforming.

Other ways to be involved

While we depend greatly on your financial support, there are other ways to interact with our community. For instance opening your house to one of our students during the holiday breaks or giving a guest lecture at UWC Maastricht.

Home away from home

Most students are able to travel home during the winter and summer holiday. Unfortunately due to various reasons some of them cannot return to their relatives. That’s why we are looking for temporary guest families. If you’re open to a cultural, informative and unforgettable experience, volunteer as a guest family and contribute to the UWC Maastricht community. For more information, please email to

Guest lectures

The learning process at UWC Maastricht takes place beyond the classroom. By giving a guest lecture, sharing your expertise or interact with our students in another way, you make a valuable contribution to the professional development of our students. Donating your time in such a way is a rewarding experience for both yourself and our students. Email to to discuss the various possibilities.

UWC Maastricht changed my life.  This experience has taught me that the ‘truth’ is determined by perspectives and cultures. I wish for many other youngsters to have this opportunity.

Vinicius Humberto Bandeira

Your support means the world to us!