Participation Council

UWC Maastricht school building

The Participation Council of UWC Maastricht is a group of democratically elected representatives of staff, students and parents who work with the school’s leadership team on matters concerning the management of the school.

By law, every school in the Netherlands has a Participation Council or Medezeggenschrapsraad (MR). 

The Council has the right of consent, the right of advice and the right of information on topics which are specified in Participation Act for Schools or Wet Medezeggenschap op Scholen (WMS). Topics which are discussed on a regular basis are school finances, school plan, safety regulations, care plan and other policies.

The Participation Council meets monthly and the meetings are open to the public (unless confidential matters are being discussed). 


If you have any questions or concerns regarding school policies you can email the Participation Council.