UWC Flags in front of school building

UWC Maastricht is a Cooperative Foundation governed by three member organizations.

Stichting Mosa Lira is responsible for supervising the quality of our Primary education. Stichting LVO is responsible for supervising the quality of our Secondary education. The Stichting UWC Nederland is responsible for overseeing the quality of all residential parts of UWC Maastricht and supervising the implementation of the UWC mission and values across the school. The Cooperative UWC Maastricht is governed by an Algemene Ledenvergadering, a General Members Meeting, which comes together at least three times a year.


The operational governance of the school is delegated to the School Board, which comprises of at least five members. The school board works closely with the Head of College is setting the direction of the school. The school board is chaired by Angelique Paulussen and currently also includes Joost van den Akker, Arne Gast, Deidre Jakobs, Frederique Six and Gabriël Zwart.

Leadership team

The leadership team of UWC Maastricht consists of three people: Lodewijk van Oord (Head of College), Kate Doyle (Directory of Secondary) and Nilde Pais (Director of Primary).

Strategic Plan

To guide and support our strategic development in the next years, a School Plan 2018-2023 has been written.


The school’s annual financial reports can be found here:

Financial Report 2022

Financial Report 2021

Financial Report 2020