Student Services

Students together

UWC Maastricht hosts different specialist staff to assist students in a variety of ways – with learning support, emotional care, English Language Learning, university counselling… We are there for our students!


Learning Support

UWC Maastricht welcomes students from all ages and all nationalities. We also know that there are different ways of learning. For people with diagnosed special educational needs, we have a learning support team to provide some extra support. We strive to provide as much support, and as many accommodations, as possible, within the IB education system. 


English Language Support

All classes at UWC Maastricht are taught in English (besides home languages). However, we accept students based on their academic potential and performance, not on their current level of English. For those who need help we have the English Language Support Team.



Our school counsellors are there for those students who need a listening ear or extra socio-emotional support. The counsellors also work closely with the safeguarding team.


University Counsellors

At UWC Maastricht we help students make informed decisions about their post-secondary options through access to university-related events on campus, year-group and small-group information sessions, individual meetings and library resources.

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      Timeline for Students

Year 11 students are encouraged to start thinking about their strengths, interests and potential in the context of higher education. In the last trimester, they receive advice on their IB subject choices.

Year 12 students meet with their university counsellor to discuss and finalise their IB subject choices. Throughout the year, students are invited to attend presentations about educational opportunities and application processes in Europe, UK, USA and beyond, and to book individual appointments.

Year 13 students receive advice on their university choices and financial aid/scholarship opportunities as well as guidance and support throughout the entire university application process.


       University Fairs and Visits

Each year we host university admissions representatives from around the world to meet with our students. For more information or to schedule a visit to UWC Maastricht, please contact


       Standardised Testing

UWC Maastricht administers the Cambridge Assessment tests for competitive UK applications. We are also an official SAT test centre. We do not offer any type of test preparation. Our high school CEEB code is 759463.
For more information, please contact


In addition to Student Services, UWC Maastricht has a Safeguarding Team to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all members of the UWC Maastricht community.

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