Student Services

Students making selfie together

UWC Maastricht has a group of specialist staff who are there to support students in a variety of ways – learning support, mental support, English language support, university counsellors… The team is there for our students!


Learning Support

UWC Maastricht welcomes students from all ages and all nationalities. In such a diverse group, we respect and value students’ individual differences. To give them the extra support they need and help them flourish, we have a learning support team.


English Language Support

All classes at UWC Maastricht are in English (besides home languages). However, we accept students based on their potential, not on their level of English. For those who need help we have the English Language Support Team.



Our school psychologists are there for those students who need a listening ear or need extra mental support. The psychologists are also part of the safeguarding team.


University Counsellors

At UWC Maastricht we help students make informed decisions about their university and scholarship opportunities through exposure to school-wide events, year and small-group information sessions, individual meetings and library resources. We prepare and send supporting materials to institutions throughout the final year of high school. Each year we host university admissions representatives from around the world to meet with our students. For more information regarding standardised testing or to schedule a visit at UWC Maastricht, please contact universities@uwcmaastricht.


Besides the Student Services Team, UWC Maastricht has a Safeguarding team to ensure the wellbeing and safety of all members of the UWC Maastricht community.


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