Public Benefit Organisation

UWC Flags in front of school building

The cooperative aims to serve the public interest by providing education to students between 2-18 years. The cooperative is founded on the philosophy of the United World Colleges (UWC) and is independent of any religious, social or political orientation. “United World Colleges makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future”.
(Vereniging United World College Maastricht in coöperatief verband met uitsluiting van aansprakelijkheid (U.A.))

The cooperation does this by:

  • Recruiting, selecting and supervising students.
  • Providing scholarships based on demonstrated need to UWC National Committee nominated residential students.
  • The total operations of the UWC Maastricht Campus.
  • Raising of capital, funds, grants and other financial support through various forms.
  • The dissemination of the UWC philosophy.

Tax number
821854197 (RSIN-number)

Visiting address
Discusworp 65
6225 XP Maastricht

The cooperation is employing:
62 staff members (40 FTE)
Staff is market rewarded

Board UWC Maastricht

  • Angelique Paulussen (Chair)
  • Joost van den Akker
  • Arne Gast
  • Deidre Jakobs
  • Frederique Six
  • Gabriël Zwart

Remuneration policy
The board of UWC Maastricht are volunteers who in accordance with the statutes receive no remuneration.

Annual report
Annual Report 2019
Publication Obligation Educational Institutions ANBI 2021
Publication Obligation Educational Institutions ANBI 2022