Kids playing basketball on campus

The campus of UWC Maastricht is located close to the city center and consists of five buildings: one for our primary school, one for our secondary school and three residence buildings.

We also have our own garden, which is mainly used by our primary school for outdoor education. Inside, the school boasts, besides classrooms of course, an Atrium that can be used for performances and meetings, music rooms in a special soundproof zone, laboratories, a gymnasium, a library and a drama room.


Residence buildings

The three residence buildings are home to 200 Diploma Programme Students. Four students share one room, and each two rooms share a bathroom. There are six bedrooms on each floor plus an apartment for the residence mentor(s). There is also a common room on every floor that includes a basic kitchen. Students come together in the Mensa for breakfast and dinner.



The design of the UWC Maastricht campus sets high ambitions for sustainability. From the very beginning a lot of thought was put into the environment, energy and value for the future. The construction materials were chosen on the basis of their solid quality and recyclability. The heating system is based on a geothermal heat pump system. The ventilation in the classrooms meets the requirements of ‘’Frisse Scholen’’ a Dutch government programme intended to encourage schools to reduce energy use and improve indoor air quality at the same time. The CO2 levels are measured for each room and the ventilation is adjusted appropriately. Ventilation, heating and lighting will only be turned on in the classrooms when people are actually present.

UWC Maastricht school building
Campus Tour

Our Admissions Team is happy to give you a tour around campus. Please get in touch via email.