Invest in (your) future.

Student volunteering at school

Quality education is important. Now more than ever.

External support is crucial to our foundation. It allows us to select students based on their promise and potential, regardless of their background, race, gender or ability to pay. We invite businesses whose strategy resonates with UWC Maastricht’s mission for peace and a sustainable future. Companies that want to empower the next generation and who believe that they do well by doing good. Considering that 60% of our residential students rely on full or partial scholarships, your help is essential.

Relevance for business and the sustainable development goals

Working together with UWC means investing in the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. Education is essential to achieve many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Quality education enables people to break the poverty spiral; it helps reduce inequalities and achieve gender equality; it enables people to lead healthier and more sustainable lives and is essential for promoting tolerance and peaceful societies. UWC focuses on Quality Education (SDG 4), Eradicating poverty (SDG 1) and Climate Action (SDG 13) through education on Environmental Sustainability.

Many companies choose to support us as part of their corporate social responsibility policy.

Next level networking

Donating for a scholarship is creating the opportunity of a lifetime. Both for the beneficiary of the student and for you as a sponsor. It allows you and your colleagues for inspiring, intergenerational and intercultural exchange.

On a regular basis we organize events for our network of supporters. Meetings and conferences that are refreshing and eye opening. And different from any other event you attended before. By interacting with our students and seeing the world through their eyes, you get plenty of food for thought. Reverse coaching sessions will stimulate your co-workers and you to think out of the box and to come up with new strategies to make your company ready for the next generation.

As part of our international community, we’ll also provide our sponsors with exposure and a different kind of network.


Scholarship Partners & Ambassadors

Every gift to UWC Maastricht makes a difference. Donations from companies usually vary from €2.500 and up to €60.000 for a full scholarship. Depending on your gift we tailor a partner programme. Reach out to Charlotte Groven and/or Sandra van den Tillaard via for more information.

We wanted to do something in return for society, something that reflects the ambitions of our company. During a visit to UWC Maastricht we immediately felt the dynamics. What struck us most was one of UWC’s values: “Celebrate Differences”. Just like in our company, at UWC you meet a variety of people, you’re operating in an international environment and there is the ambition to change the world for the better!

Luuk de Win – Nedlin

Your support means the world to us!