Summer School

Dutch student UWCM

Moving to a different country, without your family, to an English speaking environment… The transfer to UWC Maastricht can be quite challenging. That is why we organize a Summer School for those students who we think need some extra time to get used to UWC Maastricht and its surroundings.

The purpose of the UWCM Summer School is to give incoming students in DP1 or CP1 the time to transition from their home country and school to a new life on the school’s campus. Through the one week summer course, they have time to get used to their new lives at UWC Maastricht, make long-lasting friendships and build confidence in English – all they need to know to start the academic year feeling safe and ready.



Alongside an academic focus, students participate in life skill sessions designed to prepare them for life on campus. From learning how to organize and prioritize study time to healthy eating and getting familiar with the online platforms that our school uses. Activities range from exploring different learning styles, finding the way to the supermarket, keeping the residences clean, learning to navigate the beautiful countryside in Maastricht and the local area.


Participating in Summer School

After you have been accepted to UWC Maastricht and have taken a Duolingo test, the summer school team may contact you to invite you to the course. The invitation is issued on the basis of an English proficiency of B1 or below, and/or on other factors that may have come up during the admissions procedure. Do you think you can benefit from the summer school programme, but have you not been contacted? In that case you can reach out to

The course is free of charge.