UWC Maastricht makes education a force for peace and a sustainable future.

Together, we make up UWC Maastricht. We are one school. One community that is part of a global movement in education.

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UWC Maastricht brings together young people from all directions of life to work together towards a peaceful and sustainable future.

We offer a state-of-the-art international education for students from age 4 in our primary school until age 19 in the Diploma Programme in our secondary school. Explore more!

Primary School

Our Primary School welcomes children between 4 and 11 years. The aim is for them to be excited to come to school every day, to be happy and motivated in their learning and to share their experiences, ideas and cultures so that we all learn with and from each other.

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Secondary School

Students aged 11 till 19 are welcome in our Secondary School. Every year around 600 young people from all over the world attend UWC Maastricht Secondary School to work together towards peace and a sustainable future.

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Inspiring and curious encounter with members of Curiosophy Collective

‘The last of one’s freedoms is to choose one’s attitude in any given circumstance.’ Viktor Frank. Exactly one week ago students and staff of UWC Maastricht had a very inspiring curious encounter with members of The Curiosophy Collective! Together they surveyed the question ‘What can we…

Partnership with DHL

UWC is proud to announce a partnership with DHL! The world’s leading logistics company. UWC’s education for peace and sustainability strongly resonates with DHL and its purpose: connecting people and improving lives. The company will be particularly involved in our project to support girls from the…

21 June: Career’s Fair

Our Knooppunt Team is organizing a Career’s Fair to help students who are unsure about their future careers explore different possibilities of life. They would like to present the idea that career possibilities are more than doctors or engineers through real stories. It will provide…

2 June: Diversity and Inclusion Event

How inclusive is the company you work for or the club that you are running? How can we discuss issues concerning race, ethnicity and gender while being mindful of sensitivities and different realities? On 2 June UWC Maastricht is taking you through best practices, challenges, successes and…

Shape the future with us. Help us to be the change.