Students primary and secondary

UWC Maastricht welcomes day students who live in the region and residential students who live on campus.

To become a residential student, please visit to apply via:

To become a day student at UWC Maastricht, please see the conditions and application process below.



According to the Dutch rule of law, day students need to qualify under one of the following conditions:

  • The student is a non-Dutch passport holder and one of the parents/guardian is temporarily employed in the Netherlands or border region.
  • The student holds Dutch nationality but has been educated outside of the Netherlands for two years or longer because one of the parents/guardians has worked abroad.
  • The student holds Dutch nationality but one of the parents/guardians will be employed outside of the Netherlands within the next two years and the student will accompany him/her. Proof to be provided.
  • The student holds Dutch nationality and has attended Dutch schools but would like to undertake the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The student has a HAVO diploma or a certificate of promotion to year 5 of VWO.
  • We require all students to live under permanent care and supervision of a parent/guardian and we do not accept applications from students living under different living conditions unless specifically discussed and approved of by our Head of College.
  • We work with strict age bands and a cut off per 1 September.

We are required by law to review eligibility requirements upon entry and also upon change of curriculum programme between Primary and Secondary divisions. As a Dutch international school, we provide an English-medium education to students living in the Maastricht border region. Due to limited availability, we prioritize applicant who do not have other options in the local educational system (due to language or residency status).

We aspire to be inclusive for all students; however, our school has limited resources and therefore we review each application to determine if we can meet the needs of the individual student. Additional supporting documents may be required for students who need extra support.


Application Process

The first two steps of the application process are:

And paying the non-refundable application fee of €655 per student. Please pay this fee by bank transfer to:
UWC Maastricht
IBAN NL09ABNA0586114750
Gustav Mahlerlaan 10
1082 PP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Clearly mark the transfer ‘Application Fee’ with your child(ren)’s name(s).


Next steps

You will receive an email with further steps. You will be asked to submit the following required documents:

  • A copy of the photograph page of the student’s passport and/or a copy of the student’s visa with a date of entry stamp.
  • An official copy of the student’s school reports from the last 2 academic years (translated into English).
  • Copies of any medical, psychological or educational evaluations if applicable (translated into English).
  • Proof of date of arrival in the Netherlands and/or Residency registration details including BSN Number (only applicable for students living in the Netherlands) once this information is available.

And you have to make the following payments:



The review process of your application normally takes 4 weeks if no additional documents are required. In peak times (April – September) this review may take longer. An application may be accepted, refused, or a student may be offered a place on the waiting list. Official placement offers are communicated via email indicating a start date. Placement offers need to be accepted within 10 days of receipt by email confirmation. After this agreement, a later starting date will result in full payment of all days not attended, OR being placed on the waiting list.



Admissions priority is given to:

  • Re-enrolling current students.
  • Siblings of current UWC Maastricht students whose completed applications have been received by 1 April for the following school year.
  • Eligible children of UWC Maastricht staff.
  • Students who are guaranteed by stakeholders’ financial support.
  • Internationally mobile families whose children do not have local educational options due to language or residency.
Get in touch

You are invited to schedule a visit to the school! For this and other questions, please contact the Admissions Team

We have wait lists for several year groups at the moment. Please contact our Admissions Team for availability.