Primary School: Beyond the Classroom

UWC Maastricht wants to equip students with life skills needed to ensure their social and emotional well-being. A lot of the learning happens inside the classroom, but we encourage students to further develop their talents through participation in community services, community clubs and in our music school.


Community Clubs

In the community clubs we try to nurture our student’s growth. We create an environment in which they can show their talents. In safe and familiar surroundings, students engage in a wide range of activities like ballet, chess, sports, art, cooking and drama. 


Music School

The UWCM Music school provides a wide ranch of music lessons: guitar, clarinet, drums, bassoon, vocal and many more! The lessons contribute to the development of specific abilities like music appreciation, music literacy, technique and performance skills. The UWCM Music School encourages students to explore new horizons through the language of music, celebration of diversity, and sharing their artistry at various performances, events and workshops. The lessons are open to Primary and Secondary students, UWCM staff members, and parents and take place on campus.