Sponsors as Part of our Community

Students during graduation ceremony

UWC Maastricht relies on your support for scholarships. Yet donating to our fund is in your interest too! We celebrate our sponsors by involving them in our community.


Inspirational collaboration

Emerge yourself into a global community of engaged and passionate individuals. Reflect on your actions and gain new energy for future accomplishments at the same time. On a regular basis we host refreshing events: conferences, workshops and festivals. These allow you to experience the world through different eyes and to acquire new perspectives.


Next level networking

Becoming a sponsor means becoming part of a network of like minded people. Individuals and representatives of companies and foundations who equally value peace and sustainability, but might differ on how to obtain this. Meet other people from the ones you would usually run into at other networking events.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting UWC Maastricht helps you to articulate topics such as suppression, climate change, inequality, poverty, racism, discrimination or conflicts. Issues like these are pivotal within UWC. By supporting our school you take a stand against these issues and show the social commitment of your company.


Sounding board

Involvement with our community allows your company to stay in tune with the ethics and values of the next generation of employees. However our students haven’t finished their education yet, they will be your colleagues in the near future. At UWC Maastricht you get the opportunity to interact with them and make your company future proof.



By partnering with UWC Maastricht, you will get plenty of exposure in return. As we are operating in a global environment, we are your gateway to a large international community. Depending on your preference we can advertise our partnership online (website, social media, newsletters), on our donor recognition wall, in media and within our closely knitted community.


Education for the international community

Learning from each other, from different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives is key at UWC Maastricht and therefore an additional draw for your international staff. By investing in a diverse student body you ensure that the children of your employees will embark on an interesting learning journey.


Get in touch!

Sandra van den Tillaard (Director of Advancement) and Charlotte Groven (Fundraiser) look forward to talking to you!

UWC Maastricht celebrates the following sponsors

UWC Maastricht has made me see the world through different eyes. I’m so grateful for this opportunity.

Lara Simons Essed – Lionarons GGZ