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200 students live permanently on UWC Maastricht’s campus. During the day they follow our CP or DP educational programme, but after school unlike day students they don’t return to their families living in the Maastricht area. Our boarding students are housed on our campus and take part in a residential programme.

They live in small groups and are chosen deliberately to represent diversity in terms of race, culture, nationality and socio-economic background. This is completely in line with UWC’s philosophy: to bring together young people to act as champions of peace through an education based on shared learning, collaboration and understanding. Life on our campus is vibrant and students need to develop time management skills in order to balance their various activities and responsibilities.  At UWC Maastricht they gain autonomy and independence in a manner that prepares them well for post-college life.


Residential facilities

There are three residential buildings, on which we have five mixed-gender and four single-gender floors. On each floor, students share  a common room, a study room and a small kitchen with approximately 20 other students. Each room accommodates four students (each of a different nationality). Living in their own apartment is a residential mentor who promotes the overall well-being and safety of the students on the floor. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in mensa (school canteen), which also serves as a social gathering, community event and study space.

Students are able to freely leave campus, but have to be back before a curfew.

When the campus is closed (winter and summer break) we encourage residential students to return home, travel and explore Europe, or organise projects. Upon request we can provide a Home Stay Family to those who are unable to leave due to financial, political and/or personal circumstances.


Residential Philosophy

The UWC Maastricht residential community is a healthy, connected, engaged and safe place where all members of the community abide by the UWC Code of Conduct, UWC values and the laws of The Netherlands, both in action and spirit. The residence is a learning environment, where students are supported and challenged on their journey to becoming their best selves. Residential life is mission and value-oriented. All members of the community are expected to:

  • fully and actively contribute to the community, even when it may be a personal challenge
  • take responsibility for their actions and act with integrity
  • try to understand one another’s cultural beliefs and norms, celebrating our diverse ways of thinking and acting, and recognising their value in making us a stronger community
  • empathise with and actively care about every member of our community
  • respect one another and try and live together with mutual responsibility, putting the community’s needs before our own
  • respect the space they live in, living conscientiously and sustainably to preserve it for future community members
  • aspire to live the values of the UWC mission – a community of different people, nations and cultures striving for peace and a sustainable future


More info

Watch this video, made by residential students, to get a taste of what life on our campus is like!

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