Students working on projects during Summer Break

June 27, 2023

As the summer break approaches, students of UWC Maastricht eagerly prepare to embark on a new adventure, one that takes many of them back to their home countries. But this time, it’s not just rest and relaxation; it’s an opportunity  to make a meaningful impact in their local communities.

These UWC Maastricht students, equipped with a unique global perspective and a passion for positive change, are determined to utilize their knowledge and skills to address local challenges. Armed with a variety of projects, ranging from environmental conservation to social justice initiatives, they dive headfirst into their respective communities, ready to make a difference. Funding for these initiatives is available thanks to the generosity of a donor, who supports projects that promote the UWC ideology and values in different places around the world.

We have Tantazille, who is going to fight unemployment and encourage unity in her community in Eswatini by equipping young people with diverse skills and becoming business minded. We have Carla, who is going to reduce socioeconomic and gender inequality in Peru, through the provision of personal and menstrual hygiene products and training sessions. There is Sarah who is going to create relaxation zones in a cancer hospital in Albania. Olena will set up a Youth Leadership Academy in Ukraine, which allows kids to acquire  entrepreneurship, governance and leadership skills. Medhaansh will provide slum children in India with education. And Clara is going to focus on arousing the scientific curiosity of children in Brazil, who normally do not have access to a quality education. We look very much forward to hearing updates from these amazing plans!

As summer draws to a close, and our students return to our campus, not only with memories of personal growth but also with a wealth of experiences, stories, and successes from their projects. They bring back valuable insights, new perspectives, and a renewed determination to effect positive change in our immediate surroundings and beyond.