Sponsor in the Spotlight: Boston Scientific

February 16, 2023

Meet Carla (on the left)! She moved to The Netherlands from Brazil only recently and got to know UWC via her daughters. Like many others, she noticed that the discussions changed over dinner after her girls have joined our education for peace and a sustainable future. Over a short amount of time, they developed a broad perspective on the world, a level of personal responsibility and intercultural understanding and mutual respect.

Carla reached out to us after she met one of our scholarship students from Syria who became a close friend of one of her daughters. She wanted to know more about the Female Empowerment Project that this girl was part of. The project resonates with Carla’s personal interest in empowering youth through education and her professional mission to contribute to a diverse and inclusive workplace at the company she works for: Boston Scientific. We are grateful that, thanks to Carla, Boston Scientific decided to team up with UWC on the topic of Female Empowerment. 

Thanks to partnerships like these we are able to offer scholarships to young women from the Middle East and North Africa, contributing to the deliberate diverse learning environment that UWC is striving for and making our education transformational for everyone. On the flipside, Boston Scientific inspires our students to endeavour into STEM. And their employees get to be involved with our strong and talented students who are bringing about social change, and inspire them to do the same. 

Carla: “Instead of talking about things we could or should change for a better future (for our kids), this partnership proves that we can actually do something now and at the same time learn from it and be active in shaping this future. That is truly the power of donating to UWC’s scholarshipfund.”

On the picture you see Carla at UWC Maastricht, where she met students Safyio and Rein.