Female Empowerment

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Women are powerful catalysts for change. We need them as active participants, decision-makers and leaders at every level of society and in every part of the world. Female involvement has been found to bring about a shift in dynamics and a broadening of issues discussed, which leads to a more peaceful and sustainable future for all.

Education has been recognized as fundamental to the empowerment of women. Going to school leads to clear economic benefits and has proven to be a social vaccine for deadly diseases, human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Research in light of the Sustainable Development Goals has proven that for women in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region), qualitative education would be a major step forward, yet this remains, too often, beyond their reach.

Girls’ education goes beyond getting girls into school. It is also about ensuring that girls learn and feel safe while in school; that they have the opportunity to complete all levels of education while acquiring the knowledge and skills to become self-supportive; that they gain the socio-emotional and life skills necessary to navigate and adapt to a changing world; that they can make decisions about their own lives; and that they can contribute to their communities and the world. This is exactly the kind of education that UWC provides.

It is, therefore, our ambition to empower at least five girls from the MENA region annually by offering them a place at our school. An education that prioritizes ethical leadership, active community service and exploring intercultural and inter-societal differences is critical to each of their journeys. The girls will become role models when they pass on their skills and experience to their sisters, friends and, eventually, their own children. Family members, as well as whole towns and villages, benefit from one girl’s education. In this way, girls and women can truly make a difference in contributing to an equitable, sustainable and peaceful future for all. 

Network for inspiration, support & connection

Join us! Together we can make a case. We are looking for partners who, through (financial) support and their network and ambassadorship, want to be involved.

Apart from the rewarding experience of contributing to these girls’ futures, you will become part of our Female Empowerment Network. This allows for inspiring, intercultural and intergenerational exchanges between you, other members and our students. You are invited to participate in events that are truly different; where you will interact with our students and see the world through their eyes; giving you plenty of food for thought to make you, and your company, ready for the next generation!

Memberships are available from 1,000 euros annually. Supporting our initiative, without becoming a network member, is also possible and we would welcome that.

More information

See our flyer or get in touch via advancement@uwcmaastricht.nl

Business partners

Boston Scientific, C&A, Daelmans Vastgoed, DHL, Eurocontrol, Medtronic, Westfalia Fruit, Ruijters Vastgoed, Rabobank Zuid-Limburg West

UWC Maastricht changed my life. It was a lantern in the dark. I learned how to fight for my rights and how I can give back to my community.

Rabab Nafe (Western Sahara, Scholarship Student UWC Maastricht)

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