Changemaker Programme

June 22, 2022

Students from UWC Maastricht and Porta Mosana College (also in Maastricht) have followed the Changemaker Program in recent months. They learned how to use their talents and networks when starting up a project. And yesterday during the CHANGEMAKER DAY they carried out those projects!

Everywhere in Maastricht you could run into our students: from handing out homemade bracelets and cupcakes in exchange for donations to giving compliments on the street and raising awareness with graffiti. A few examples of how they learned to use their own talents in an accessible way and how they can do something good for somebody else.

We want to thank our beautiful and diverse partners: Social Service Time, Porta Mosana College, UWC Nederland, KidsRights, Juupu, Marres, ServetheCity and Pick it Up!