Maastricht Model United Nations: call for participants!

June 16, 2022

MaasMUN, Maastricht Model United Nations, is a conference led by students for students (with adult supervision). It is an educational simulation for young leaders on how the United Nation works with its policies. You can learn about diplomacy,  International Nations, UN Nations as well as develop debating skills, public speaking skills, learning how to write resolutions and many more other skills. It is primarily focused on moderated and unmoderated Debating. Sounds interesting? This is your chance to sign up!

Participants are assigned a role: either a Delegate or Chair. Delegates are assigned a country that they represent. Chairs are unbiased leaders of the debates, where their job is to maintain order and keep time during the MUN sessions. No prior MUN experience is needed; anyone can be a delegate as our conference is beginner friendly. It is unlikely for Chairs to take part in debate, however, chairs do need prior MUN experience to attend this event.

The event itself

A group of delegates, who are all assigned to different countries, come together to debate about a topic in regards to their committee. They debate in the perspective of their country that they are representing, to form a possible resolution at the end of the debate. Prior to the conference, Delegates need to have a Position Paper, explaining what their country’s position is in terms of the topic. Chairs produce a Research Paper acting as a guide for Delegates for them to make their Position Papers.

More info

More information regarding what MUN is, How it works, etc is available on our Website: and our Instagram: @maasmun2022

Who is it for?

The MUN conference we are holding is aimed at ages 14-18 year olds. We are a beginner friendly conference so absolute beginners can also join this conference.

How to Sign Up?

People can sign up via a website called All MUN conferences happening all around the world are registered here. To apply to MaasMUN specifically, you would have to go to the MaasMUN conference and apply there.
An easier way to apply is to go on the above mentioned website (that the team made) and apply under “apply”.  This apply button is directly linked to the mymun page.