Ukrainian alum safe thanks to UWCM friend

March 16, 2022

As a global movement that makes education a force for peace, our mission and our work come into sharp focus when crises emerge like they have in Ukraine. At the same time it is heartwarming to see that, even during times of war, our school continues to bring people together. Two of them are Dmytro and Konrad, who met when both studying at UWC Maastricht. Read their story below!

Hello everyone, I am Dmytro, a Ukrainian UWC Maastricht student from the class of 2020. I am very glad that my friend Konrad and his parents helped me and my family come to Poland. They opened their house and their hearts to us on a cold, dark night at the end of February, and we have felt blessed ever since. The support of my UWC and other international friends was astounding. Everyone keeps asking if me and my family are safe, and yes, my immediate family is mostly safe. But my family are also the 44 million Ukrainians of which a huge number is currently being bombarded, shot, executed and brutally killed by the Russian occupants. Which is why I urge the international UWC community as well as anyone reading this to help in any way you can to stop this unfair and pointless war. Me and my family together with friends all around the world have been locating, purchasing, and organizing delivery of dozens of first aid kits, tourniquets, medicines, helmets, and other things to the front lines and places where they are needed the most. We also volunteer translating Ukrainian news in real time to help the word know the truth. And I urge everyone to do the same or more. Everyone can help us and make our country and the world a peaceful place again!

Read more about what you can do on our Scholarships for Ukraine page!

On the picture, you see Dmytro (in red), Konrad (in black) and other UWCM friends doing service when back in Maastricht.