A return to normal and beyond

November 8, 2021

A return to normal and beyond

After eighteen months of lockdown, school closure, group quarantine and various modes of physical, online and blended learning, UWC Maastricht started this new academic year with a return to almost normal. Most Covid-19 restrictions in the Netherlands have been lifted, at least for the time being, and our students are once again able to fully enjoy all the opportunities the school has to offer. 

In recent years we have significantly increased the amount of outdoor opportunities we offer our students, across the school from Kindergarten to DP. After a season of delays and cancellations, being able to organize all these typical UWC activities is a real joy. 

We have used the Covid-period to review what the school currently offers, and decided to include an entitely new programme in the school: a IB Career-related Programme in Sustainable Business. This so-called IBCP programme is relatively new, and can be taught alongside the IB Diploma. We have now received candidacy status from the IB, and will be welcoming our first IBCP students (day, residential, NC selected) in September 2022. Our focus on sustainable business will allow us to develop a programme tailor-made for students interested in a more career-directed education. It will also create a better connection between our academic IB subjects and some of our extra-curricular activities such as the Youth Social Entrepreneurship (YSI) and our EcoSchools commitment. If you want to learn more, please keep an eye out for our IBCP newsletters, which we will be publishing throughout this year.

I want to thank all of you alumni for your ongoing interest and commitment to our school. A huge thank you and warm wishes from a very wet and windy Maastricht!

Lodewijk van Oord

Head of College