Helping with DP1 arrivals

June 24, 2021

Over 20 alumni both from UWC Maastricht and other UWC schools and colleges helped us to manage the arrivals of DP1s in the fall of 2020. The covid restrictions made the process more complicated than ever and we would have never done it without the commitment and enthusiasm of the wide UWC family. Below you can read about the experience of two alumni who were directly involved in the arrival process. Although we do expect the arrivals to be smoother in September 2021, we are likely to still need some help, if you are based in or near Amsterdam and interested in giving us a hand, please reach out via


Moeka Tsuzuki, Class 2018

My name is Moeka Tsuzuki and I am currently studying at Amsterdam University College.

I wanted to help with arrivals because I remember when I first came I was very nervous at the airport, as it was my first time traveling alone and being in Europe. However, seeing someone from UWCM at the gate made me relieved, and so I also wanted to make a good start for this year’s firsties too. And it was indeed very lovely to see the new students, because they all told me how excited and nervous they are to go to UWCM. They reminded me of my arrival day and all the special memories at UWCM. (At the same time, I felt that I am very old. They are so young!!) I would definitely recommend others to get involved and help with arrivals. It is a nice way to give back to the community, and it is just great to see new students going to UWC with so much excitement.


Machi Shiiba, Class 2019

I’m Machi, alumna from the class of 2019, and I am studying Global Public Health at Leiden University College. I remember I was really nervous when I first came to the airport as a new student, however, alumni helped to pick me up so I felt safe and excited. Therefore, by helping with arrivals, I wanted new students to also feel safe and excited about coming to UWC Maastricht. It was a nice experience to meet new students as they were all motivated about their new journey, which made me also motivated about my own life and study.  I highly recommend everybody to get involved as you will certainly get new inspiration and excitement, as well as remind of your precious UWC memories!