Students sitting together

200 Diploma Programme students live permanently on UWC Maastricht’s campus. These boarding students are housed in residence buildings.

They live there in small groups, with four students (each of a different nationality) sharing a bedroom. This is completely in line with UWC’s philosophy: to bring together young people from different nations to act as champions of peace through an education based on shared learning, collaboration and understanding.


Residential life

There are six bedrooms on each floor plus an apartment for the residence mentor(s). There is also a common room on every floor that includes a basic kitchen. Students come together in the Mensa (the school canteen) for meals. They have a lot of freedom, however there is a curfew.

When the campus is closed (winter and summer break) we encourage residential students to return home, travel and explore Europe, or organise projects. Upon request we can provide a Home Stay Family to those students who are unable to travel or go home due to financial, political and/or personal circumstances.

Student on stairs