High School Diploma


Qualification Criteria

UWC Maastricht school building

The UWC Maastricht High School Diploma is awarded to qualifying students upon graduation from their senior year. To qualify, students must have completed four years of proven high school education and satisfy the credit requirements listed below. The school understands that students come from diverse communities and backgrounds meaning that there may be a break in their schooling. The school reserves the right to make an exception to the four year rule and to waive individual credit requirements depending on the circumstances.


Subjects Credits Grade (1-7)
First Language A 4 2
Second Language A, B or ab initioǂ 2 2
Mathematics 4 2
Scienceǂ 4 2
Humanitiesǂ 3 2
The Artsǂ 2 2
Physical Health Educationǂ 2 2
Electiveǂ 2 2
Theory of Knowledgeǂ 1 D
CAS Successful completion
Required credits 24


11 credit is equal to one year successfully completed. Year/credit must be teacher supervised.

21 credit should come from MYP at UWCM or another previous school.

3MYP Integrated Humanities or MYP History and Geography or equivalent and an IB Group 3 subject in DP.

4Elective subject could be any IB DP two-year course offered at UWCM.

5This credit is earned over two years, i.e.e 0.5 credits per year.

6Students on IB Certificates are not required to complete CAS by the IB but they will be encouraged by the school as an important part of the co-curricular programme.

These subjects are encouraged but waivable.


Please contact UWC Maastricht if you have any questions


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