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The UWCM Pre-Kindergarten has implemented a Curriculum Framework. We provide a range of learning experiences in the five key aspects of children's development and learning. Our highest priority is providing a safe secure and happy environment to nurture your children's learning.

Five key areas of the curriculum:

  1. Emotional, Personal and Social Developmen
    Staff encourage children to be independent. We use praise to encourage children to follow the class rules and routine and take responsibility for personal hygiene and tidying up. Regular circle time activities promote self-confidence and co-operative skills.
  2. Communication and Language
    We aim to develop children's listening and talking skills during free play and social activities. Phonological skills are encouraged through rhymes and games. Books and print are used throughout the pre-school to encourage early reading and writing skills.
  3. Knowledge and Understanding of the World and Early Math
    We develop children's learning and extend their experiences of the world around them by providing relevant topic based displays, active play areas both in the class room and within the school grounds, arranging outings and inviting visitors. Children are encouraged to observe and investigate for themselves. Early mathematical skills are developed through games, play and use of the computer.
  4. Expressive and Aesthetic Development
    We provide a wide range of art and craft activities to stimulate children's creativity. There are many opportunities for children to take part in drama, mime, sing songs, action rhymes and make music with percussion instruments.
  5. Physical Development and Movement
    The Pre-Kindergarten provides a wide range of activities to encourage physical development. Building with construction materials, working with tools and playing with puzzles promotes good hand control. The outdoor area provides opportunities for energetic play and the development of physical skills. Children are encouraged to play group games and take part in music and movement activities.

Pre-Kindergarten Educational Plan

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