Bringing people and nature together

March 4, 2024

group picture at school logo

Last week 16 members of our Eco-Team, including students, staff and parents, worked together to help nature!

As the seasons are changing, sometimes nature needs a little help adapting, so that new things can grow. Such is the case at the banks of the moat, surrounding our school.

The activities

The goal was to open up space, and therefore, the team chopped up willow trees and removed waste and some dead reed grass. This was needed, so new stems will be able to grow in full sun. This plant is very important, as it helps oxygenate the water, which ensures a healthy environment for animals living in it. Among them is the reed warbler, a small bird, native to Europe. He weaves his nest between some old reed grass and new young stems. We hope the reed warbler feels at home at UWC after all the hard work done by the team!

The chopped up trees will not go to waste, as they will be useful in the activities done by Permaculture in the school’s gardens.

About CNME

The CNME (Centre of Nature and Environmental Education in Limburg) is taking care of the nature around the city. However, they want to ensure that it is also a fun learning experience for the students who participate! The CNME teaches about safety, risks and responsibilities. They also show how and why they do this work. During the activities, students learn a lot of different things about themselves and nature!