Personal Project Exhibition

February 26, 2024

Student showing her project

A place where student growth and inspirational works are clearly visible and where every story is worth telling!

Our Year 11 students have finished another part of their extensive ‘personal projects-journey’s’. This was done with an exhibition to showcase their products. With the Personal Project, students choose a topic of interest, conduct research, and produce a final outcome, demonstrating their skills and understanding while exploring real-world issues.

When going to the exhibition, visitors were met with an array of talented students and their projects. These included the making of cookbooks, writing and illustrating books, researching architectural builds in history, raising awareness on important topics, such as the environment and mental health, and creating songs, music pieces and art among others. These projects were more than just a journey for the students themselves, as they hope to inspire or help other people. Besides all the works, a feeling of community was present, as not only the Year 11 students were there, but also others from different years, teachers, staff and parents. All there to support and encourage each other.


One of the students who participated is Francesca. She loves writing stories, but while doing so she found that there weren’t any guides that worked for her. Therefore, she decided to make her own. In her own words, “this guide can be used to write any plot based story, like a movie, comic or novel.” She wrote her guidebook with younger students in mind.

Another student is Xiri. For her project, she wanted to connect her passion for dancing and her care about the environment in a creative way. She chose to focus on the plastic in the ocean, as she stated “that’s one of the main big problems in the world right now. It’s one of the things that affect us and the animals the most.” She made a photobook, where she dances among the plastic waste. She hopes that her photobook makes people realize that we all need to do something about this problem and how we can impact and change it.

Lastly, one of the students created a book that teaches children how to play piano step by step. As playing piano is a passion of hers, she wanted to make this more accessible for others. To realize her final product, besides looking into the musical aspect of the piano and how to teach others, she had to research how a book was made, from the design to printing.