Changemakers Day

January 18, 2024

Students collecting food donations

Over the past months, students of our Middle Years Programme have been honing their skills, unlocking the power of their talents and building networks that pack a punch as part of their Changemakers course!

The grand finale? The CHANGEMAKER DAY, where the magic unfolded! Our students scattered throughout Maastricht, leaving an indelible mark. From rallying donations for local foodbank Juupu to teaming up with Serve the City to tackle loneliness… And even hitting the streets to pick up litter – UWCM was EVERYWHERE! These inspiring projects showcase how our students are not just learning, but putting their newfound knowledge into action, making a real difference in our community.

A special thank you to our partners who joined hands with us on this transformative journey: UWC Nederland, Social Service Time, Kids Rights, Juupu, Marres, Serve the City and Pick It Up!