UWC Maastricht in magazine Zakenvrouwenclub

June 1, 2023

Look at this article from ‘Zakenvrouwenclub’! It delves into UWC Maastricht’s Female Empowerment Network, highlighting our mission to uplift young women in the Middle East and North Africa.

In the magazine, Sandra Van den Tillaard and Charlotte Gryseels – Groven, working for UWC Maastricht and founders of the initiative, tell more about the project. Also, three members and ambassadors, Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen, Astrid Pinckaers and Marjoleine de Boorder, share why they are supporting and why you should too! As you dive into the pages of Zakenvrouwenclub, you are transported into a world where our Female Empowerment Network serves as a catalyst for change. But also where the network members form a close group and meet regularly at events where exchanging experiences and sharing knowledge are central. Read the whole article here and join too!