Partnership with DHL

May 19, 2022

UWC is proud to announce a partnership with DHL! The world’s leading logistics company. UWC’s education for peace and sustainability strongly resonates with DHL and its purpose: connecting people and improving lives.┬áThe company will be particularly involved in our project to support girls from the Middle East and North Africa to embark on the two last years of the International Baccalaureate Programme on a scholarship.

The girls, who are selected by National Committees in the region have the skills and qualifications for it but would not be able to take this opportunity without financial support. Living and learning together with youth from all over the world and a variety of socio-economic backgrounds, these girls are provided with the skills and knowledge to navigate and adapt to a changing world; to become self supportive, able to make their own decisions; and contribute to their communities and the world. As we encourage our students to work and focus on societal matters during and after their studies, the impact of UWC reaches far beyond the students alone.

We are very excited to collaborate with one of our neighbouring companies to educate the changemakers of the future and create synergy towards Sustainable Development Goals 4 (Quality Education) and 5 (Gender Equality). We look forward to bringing this partnership to life!

Would you like to know more about this project or be involved yourself? Reach out to Charlotte Groven /