Student to UWCM thanks to TV Program Floortje Naar Het Einde Van De Wereld

April 14, 2022

Floortje Dessing, famous television host in the Netherlands, visited Belize in one of her recent episodes of ‘Floortje naar het Einde van de Wereld’ (Floortje to the End of the World). There she met Tati, who resides with her parents, living in a house which is fully made of recycled materials. Tati was volunteering in a wildlife rehabilitation program, passionate about making an impact and minimising her ecological footprint. Floortje immediately thought of what a good match she would make with UWC.

The school offers rigorous academic learning, combined with activities, outdoor education, personal and social education and community service. Thanks to UWC Maastricht’s scholarship program Tati will start in September!

Career-related Programme

Tati will be one of the first students in the new International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP). The IBCP will allow students to choose courses with a particular focus on their future career of choice. UWC Maastricht has designed a very innovative pathway in Sustainable Business, where Tati can choose between fields such as hospitality, fashion or nature conservation. More information on the IB Career-related Programme can be found here!

Floortje Naar Het Einde Van De Wereld

Floortje Naar Het Einde Van De Wereld is a very popular television programme in the Netherlands, by Floortje Dessing. She visits people who have radically changed course for an existence off the beaten track. Click here to watch Floortje and Tati together