Open call for speakers TEDxUWCMaastricht

February 8, 2022

Have you ever imagined sharing your unique story on the TEDxUWCMaastricht platform, organised by the youth for their local community, to inspire tomorrow’s world? It is with great excitement that the Tedx Team informs you that for the first time in two years, TEDxUWCMaastricht will resume with its classic presential event. This is an open call for speakers interested in sharing unique stories that fall under this year’s theme.

TEDx is a globally recognized event that provides a platform for the sharing and spreading of ideas. As for TEDxUWCMaastricht, the event is held by students and intended for everyone. The audience can consist of not only young enthusiasts but also every community member in Maastricht. The conference is geared toward enabling and inspiring people from around the world to make a difference!


More information from the Team

This year’s theme is “Beneath the Mask”. Many of us have felt trapped behind a mask that conceals who we really are. This may stem from events that have left us bruised, the rigid pressure of gender or cultural roles, the fear of vulnerability or not being taken seriously. It’s scary and difficult to uncover ourselves in a world that can be merciless. Now more than ever, we are being asked to let our guards down and be authentic, where thus far, we had compromised genuineness for conformity or acceptance. It has never been more paramount for us to be unapologetic about who we are and the things we are most passionate about.

The you behind closed doors is exceptional. Who will you discover? Who will you inspire? Where will it take you? And most of all, how will you use your voice? We invite you on a quest to uncover the hidden unknowns of yourself.

The event will take place on the 26 March at Lumière Cinema in Maastricht. We would be delighted to have you lend your voice and join us on our journey to unmasking our true selves guided by your talk. If interested, please contact