UWCM Student Part of Photo Exhibition

January 24, 2022

Victoria, student at UWC Maastricht primary school, is part of a photo exhibition! She made a picture about her view on ‘Global Education’, one of the United Nations Global Goals.

“I like photographers and I like to come up with creative things. I took a picture of myself in a tunnel of books, reading a book myself. I wanted to show that books can transport you to another world.” That last sentence is also attached to her photo. When Valerie thinks of education, she immediately thinks of books. “So I knew I wanted to do something with that. It is not fair that some children never get the chance to read a book or even see books in their house. It is important that children all over the world can go to school. In this way, they have a better chance at taking good care of themselves.” Valerie has learned that it is not self-evident that children receive education. “While this is very important. Global Goals pay more attention to this and I think that is very good.”


The photo exhibition ‘De Werelddoelen in Beeld #2′ is a collaboration between CNME (Center for Nature and Environment Education) and Maastricht Photo Festival. Students received lessons about the global goals and learned how to translate them into images.

You can visit ‘The Werelddoelen in Beeld #2’ at Pathé Cinema in Maastricht, on the outside (Boschstraat), between 28 January and 27 February.