UWC Maastricht for Afghan Youth

November 23, 2021

❝UWC was more than a school for me. It was a supportive space where I was able to flourish in a safe environment. Focusing on your education is already hard as it is… and nearly impossible to do when in unsafe conditions. The time to donate for Afghan youth is now. Through education we can give them a chance to develop to the best of their abilities.❞ – Fahima Elmi, UWC Maastricht 2020 alumna, coming from Afghanistan/The Netherlands.


The dramatic events happening in Afghanistan have shaken all of us. To look towards the future and show our commitment to education, UWC as a global education movement has committed itself to offer at least 20 Afghan students a place within its schools. At UWC Maastricht we have already welcomed Afghan youth for many years and want to especially now create a safe space for them where they can flourish. Donate now! uwcmaastricht.nl/donate