Alumni Giving Back Survey

November 8, 2021

We know that UWC Maastricht alumni are fantastic people who are giving back to the UWC community and movement in many different ways. 


Ok, so why the survey?

We think we know but we do not have any solid data to show this. If we were able to illustrate it to prospective donors, we might be able to reach some more major gifts and sustain the current level of scholarships, or provide even more scholarships. It seems to make sense that one would want to support a school where the majority of its graduates give back in one way or another, no?

One way or another? So not just money? 

No! Anything reasonable counts as involvement and giving back. Volunteering with NCs, attending UWC Day events, helping current students with university applications,  going back to your old school to talk about UWC and selections,…there is lots! And you can always add your own unique way of giving back too.

So what do you want me to do? 

Complete this survey and tell us what you do now or what you did in the last 3 years. And tell your UWCM friends to do the same.

Again, why do I do it? 

As a vote of support for UWC Maastricht and the current and future students. As a thank you to those who believed in you and to pay it forward to the next generations. 

Extra bonus?

We have a special surprise for the graduating class which will reach the highest giving back percentage by December 31.