Partnership UWC Maastricht and Women in Exhibitions network

April 29, 2021

UWC Maastricht and Women in exhibitions network are proud to announce they have entered into a charitable partnership and are excited to work together to empower girls from North Africa and the Middle East by offering them a place at UWC Maastricht.

Oana Cipca, who has a career in the exhibitions industry, initiated and officially launched the Women in Exhibitions Network in 2018 with the aim of supporting the continued professional development of women working in exhibitions and providing opportunities for them to meet and network. The moment  Oana heard of UWC Maastricht’s Female empowerment project, she saw an opportunity to join forces and support UWC. That’s why you can find UWC Maastricht’s Female empowerment project on

Oana: “As a girl I grew up in a family of hard working parents in Romania. I can’t remember I ever missed anything as a child but I can remember that my parents worked truly hard to make it all happen for me and my sister. As I grew I realised the sacrifices parents make in countries like Romania for their children to be able to learn and have access to the best education possible. Later I understood that only education can provide the key to development of people and with that of countries. I believe in the fact that if we want to lift a society, we need to stop keeping girls and women down. We need to help them act on the same level with men and grasp any opportunity we have to invest in their future. When we lift others up, the consequence is that they lift us up too. I admire the global impact UWC makes and I only have one choice namely: to help them in this journey.  I do that out of respect for parents like mine, who work hard to see their children succeed, because what makes us feel more fulfilling then seeing our children succeed!?”

Sandra van den Tillaard, Director of Advancement at UWC Maastricht: “We are very grateful for this opportunity. This is a perfect example of including UWC Maastricht into an organisation’s  social responsibility approach and of course we would like to invite more organisations to  do so. You can find more information about this project and the various ways to get involved with our mission via our website.