United We Can!

September 21, 2020

Divisiveness, tension and walls have been built around the world over the last few years. In some respects, it feels as if UWC’s goal of uniting people, nations and cultures through education is moving further away. Yet the global crises we face – whether the current health crisis or the longer-term climate crisis – make our mission more urgent than ever.  Our community of bridge-builders knows that the scale of these challenges can only be surmounted when we turn towards rather than against each other. Because united we can overcome the isolation many currently feel. United we can solve climate issues, inequalities and conflict. It’s the only way.

UWC Day 2020, on 21 September, was all about celebrating, reflecting and acting upon this message. And so we did! To support the outside community and our service organisation Juupu we have encouraged all students, staff and parents to donate canned food. The almost 1000 cans are meant for people in need in Maastricht.  Later in the afternoon, our DP students celebrated their cultures and traditions through musical performances and dance.

Due to Covid19 this year, we weren’t able to invite our sponsors and friends. In order to still inspire and celebrate with them, we have asked two of our students to share their poem reflecting their UWC experience.

Very proud to present to you: Designers of the Future by DP1 students Mariam and Emmelotte!