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Kurt Hahn

Primary School

The Primary division at UWC Maastricht offers English language instruction to children from the ages of 4 to 11. Students are enrolled for full-time studies, with a shorter day on Fridays for students in Kindergarten to year 3. Students will be placed in year groups guided by age-bands established by Dutch Education law, with a maximum class size of 25 students.

Please note the following arrangements for Primary

  • Students must be eligible to attend UWC Maastricht according to the Dutch Law for International Education
  • There is no automatic transition from Pre-Kindergarten to Primary. Students must apply to the Primary School with a complete application no later than 3 months before your child turns 4 years old.
  • There is no automatic transition from Primary to Secondary. All year 6 Students must apply to the Secondary School by following the transitionprocedure handed out to all year 6 students. 

You are welcome to arrange a visit with your child during the application process. Please contact to schedule an appointment or with any further questions.

Please complete the application for Primary online (one application per child) and email all the required supporting documents.

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