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UWC Maastricht is CIS Accredited!

We received the good news that our CIS accreditation process has been completed and that CIS has decided to accredit UWC Maastricht with immediate effect. This is of course great news for all of us, and the result of all the hard work of the entire school community.

In reaching their decision, CIS took into account the Visiting Team’s commendations which were
based on evidence of effective alignment with the standards for CIS Accreditation. In granting the
award of accreditation, CIS felt that the commendations – or strengths of the school – far outweighed
any areas in which the school was deficient. Of particular note are the commendations in:

  • School Guiding Statements: The broad range of service opportunities and cultural activities available to the students that supports and prepares them to become responsible, globally minded and culturally sensitive students who are committed to the values of their school and international society as a whole. 
  • Teaching and Learning: – the ELL department and the entire school faculty and staff for their commendable efforts to provide high levels of personalized support for all their students.
  • School Culture and Partnerships for Learning - Promoting the understanding and belief in, and the clear ongoing commitment of the entire school community towards upholding the core values of the School.
  • Operational Systems: The ongoing efforts to establish and follow rigorous policies and procedures that will serve to ensure the safety and welfare of all students, and in particular the school’s residential students, at all times.


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