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Nelson Mandela
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Our alumni around the world

Tony Mastromarino (USA), Matej Bilik (Czech Republic) and Jule Schnakenberg (Germany) graduated last academic year with the Class of 2016 and are currently involved in the 3rd-Year - Internship Programme at UWC Changshu China.

UWC Changshu China is one of the youngest members of our UWC family. With 440 students it is also one of the biggest ones. The school is located in Changshu, in the Jiangsu Province, a city of 1.2 million people.

Inspired by the positive and enriching experience during our own two years in UWC Maastricht, we felt the urge to give back to the movement what we had once received. We decided we wanted to help build up the community spirit in UWC Changshu China, so that up-coming generations of UWC students can learn and grow as much as the three of us did.

We are now able to experience the completely other side of a school, one that we were not yet familiar with. Working for the Development Office and the Student Services Department we get insight into the administration work of such an international institution.

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