It always seems impossible until it's done
Nelson Mandela
UWC Maastricht Publications

IPC Conference

Mayor of Maastricht one of the guestspeakers.

International Peace Conference, 3 February 2017

.......That is the most importance advice that I would like to give you today. Continue to believe in your dreams, continue to believe in peace and continue to work on it.

You can do so by defending freedom of expression and worship, and by fighting want and fear.

As I just said, we – the older generation – need you – the younger generation – a great deal.
You need to realise just how important you are.

Politicians may have plenty to say, but you are able to really make a difference.
Because you will be holding the reins in a few years and you will be determining the future.

Our future is behind us; your future is in front of you.
Be aware of your positive strength and take an optimistic approach.

That is what you are doing at this conference, so please continue to do so. On behalf of my generation, I am very grateful to you.

I would like to wish you a very successful conference.

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