Green, Greener, Greenest

Green campus

When we moved to our campus back in 2013, our school was the most sustainable in the region. Our mission and values make us very eager to how to make our campus more sustainable, greener and user friendly.

You can imagine that for a school with a mission to education for a more sustainable future, installing solar panels was very high on our wish list. We are very grateful that we were granted a large government subsidy in order to install 1100 solar panels on the roofs of our school buildings and residences.

For the number crunchers: each panel will have a capacity of 300 Wp (Watt peak) leading to a total of 330,000 Wp. This is expected to generate up to 294,000 kWh.  At present the school’s use of electricity contributes to around 22% of our total carbon emissions. We will be able to significantly reduce this once our solar panels are in place.

Walls of plants

Apart from our sustainable buildings, we would also like it to advertise what we stand for as a school. We would like to transform our campus into a bright green one and make it a pleasant area for our youngest pupils to the eldest generations of this UWC community.

Thanks to the supportive parents we will be able to install vertical gardens in the fall of 2020.  We hope this will encourage everyone to spend their breaks outside, take a breath of fresh air in order to fully focus during class, in addition we can use this in awareness building and outdoor education!

We continuously seek for support to extend the green parts of our school premises. Help us to create our green campus by sponsoring willows, trees, plants, pieces of green wall & play equipment! The more people willing to help, the greener we can get! Do you have another idea or suggestion, please get in touch with Advancement: (

Are you in?

Check out our Dream Green campaign