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Malala Yousafzai

MYP Programmes

MYP Co-Curricular Programme

MYP students have co-curricular (CC) lessons within their timetable. The lessons provide an opportunity for extension activities from the MYP programme, skills building, digital literacy and service learning activities. They give teachers and students the ability to be more creative in their lesson planning and learning. 

For example this year students have completed a digital literacy unit where they have made videos of the stories they wrote as part of the story telling unit in English and a unit on sustainability ahead of the COP 21 2015 Paris Climate Conference.  

Active Global Citizenship

The Active Global Citizenship Programme started as a pilot in May 2015 and this year it has become part of the co-curricular programme scheduled for all students in MYP5.

It has been conceived as a transition programme into the Diploma programme, encouraging our students to transcend their Global Citizenship to become truly engaged Active Participants and future Change Makers.

In these weekly sessions students work on Global Issues that relate to our UWC mission through open discussions and team work, strengthening their presentation/public speaking skills as well as team management, organisation and planning skills while gaining awareness about international affairs.

In April students will launch their own social awareness campaigns, as their final project for this Active Global Citizenship programme, through social media, at UWC Maastricht and later in the streets of Maastricht.

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