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UWC Maastricht administrative and financial policy on IB retake exams and Enquiry upon results

On July 6th of each year the leaving DP2 students have online access to their final IB Diploma Programme results. After they obtain these results, the students can request the following by contacting Maurice Tonnaer at or John Simpson at

EUR (Enquiry upon results)

The most common EUR is Category 1. This allows the student to request a remarking of their written examinations. The written examinations are usually sent back to another examiner for a review of the work and the marks awarded. 

The marks may be adjusted or stay the same. There is a fee for Category 1 which is € 85,00.  This needs to be paid in advance and received by the school before the school can make the request for the EUR.  Please be aware of the processing time of banks for an international payment.  EUR requests can be made up until September 15th of the examination year.  If the marks are adjusted upward then the candidate will receive a refund. 

Important information for students considering an Enquiry upon results

  • A candidate’s grade can be lowered as a consequence of a remark.
  • The candidate must send a letter with their signature to the coordinators that they are aware that the grade may also be lowered.
  • The request will only be made after the fee is received by the school.

Six-month retake (November examination session)

United World College Maastricht allows the students of UWC Maastricht and students of other UWC’s to register for a six-month retake session which takes place in November. In case of students from other UWC’s, final approval is the school’s decision based on the total number of applicants and its ability to supervise the examinations appropriately.  Students can choose to retake one or more subjects based on the results they achieved in the previous examination session.  The IBO deadline to apply for this retake session is July 29th, however the school requires that the student pay the registration and subject fees before the school can process the registration. 

Since the school is also closed for the summer holidays the following deadlines apply:
Request for retake to DP coordinators: July 10th
Payment to UWC Maastricht Finance department: July 12th

The registration fee is € 118,00 and € 25,00 fixed administrative costs:  € 143,00
The fee per subject is € 82,00
The total cost if only one subject is retaken is: € 225,00
(For each additional subject add € 82,00)

These fees must be received by UWCM by July 12th

After July 12th the late fees apply:
Late registration fee is € 338,00 and € 25,00 fixed administrative costs and € 104,00 subject fee (per subject).
The total cost for one subject retaken is: € 467,00 (for each additional subject add € 104,00).

The final IBO registration deadline is October 15th.  Payment must be paid and received by the school by October 10th at the latest to allow the registration to be processed.

Important Information for students considering retake exams

  • It is important to remember that IBO only allows three chances to gain an IB diploma and an anticipated counts as one chance. Therefore candidates must carefully consider the decision to retake in November.  It is not always easy to prepare for exams in this session.
  • Dutch A, Dutch B, and many other A languages are not available for retake in November. They are only offered in May.
  • If a candidate wants to retake at another school then he/she must get in touch with that school and pay the fees to them so that they can be registered.
  • UWC Maastricht only allows six-month retake registration for written examinations, not for internal assessments, the Extended Essay, and TOK.  Registrations for these components need to be requested separately. The DP coordinators will evaluate each request based on need and exceptional circumstances.
  • The request will only be made after the fee is received by the school.

Important Financial information regarding EUR and Retake exams

The aforementioned fees need to be paid to the United World College Maastricht bank account:

Account holder:  UWC Maastricht
IBAN:  NL09ABNA0586114750
Bank address:  Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, 1082 PP Amsterdam, the Netherlands

It is important to include the following reference with your payment:   STUDENT NAME & either ENQUIRY UPON RESULTS or RETAKE EXAMS.

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