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Personal Development

In addition to the academic curriculum, class teachers are responsible for the pastoral curriculum
that helps students with personal development.

Our Mission

Our school mission is to work towards peace and a sustainable future. Therefore we aspire to equip the students with the life skills needed, including conflict resolution and critical thinking to ensure their social and emotional wellbeing.

  • Student Support Department and the Care Plan
    The school has a dedicated Student Support Department (SSD) that works across school's primary and secondary section. For Primary we have 1 part-time Counsellor and 2 full-time learning needs specialists. We follow the Care Plan, as set out under Dutch law, to work with students who may need additional support. The overall permissions form asks you to give consent for the SSD to work with your student, however we always contact parents through the class teacher if we observe a concern and will communicate with you at every stage so we can work in partnership and if further consent is needed. If a student requires extra support, an individual Record of Intervention will be created which will set out in-class differentiated support or, if required, pull-out support by our learning needs specialists. If we consider external support is required we will advise parents on this.
  • Bullying Prevention UWC
    Maastricht takes a pro-active approach to minimize incidences of bullying, in line with our Bullying Prevention Policy. We run activities during our induction period, during Bullying Prevention Week and throughout the year to actively engage students in the UWC Values, understanding prejudice, celebrating difference and being a good friend to all. Should any incident occur we take it seriously and work with the students and parents to resolve it quickly and provide any on-going support and monitoring as required. If a student has limited English we request parents to help inform us of any issues so we can take action.
  • Community Clubs
    Students have the opportunity to take part in a range of Community Clubs that are most - ly either arts or sports based. These are advertised at the beginning of the academic year and then ready for each new term. These are extra to our curriculum and incur a cost to cover staffing and materials or equipment.
  • Music School UWC
    Maastricht hosts a music school, based in the secondary building. Students can access private music lessons after school from a wide range of options including: piano, jazz piano, drums, acoustic, electric & bass guitar, violin, cello, voice, and musical theatre. Group lessons include music theory and various ensembles. If you have any questions, please contact Elena Pardo (Primary Music Teacher) at
  • Safety and Security
    Safety and security are our first priority and all our security protocols have been reviewed in light of recent global events. Our Safety and Security policies sets out all we do towards this. 
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