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Malala Yousafzai

Approach to Education

Our core values

  • Experiential Learning
    We want students to learn through experiences, and to that end, provide a range of opportunities, from trips, organising events, taking part in community service, to presentations, assemblies, artwork and more! All of these are framed within the Experiential Education cycle and planned as part of the wider curriculum.
  • Day Trips
    Many trips go on throughout the year and are designed as part of the curriculum to help students better understand the topic they are studying or experience community service. You will receive a letter home from the teacher organizing the trip requesting your permission and with all practical details. All trips have an individual risk assessment and we set a minimum staff student ratio for supervision. Parents may be invited to volunteer to accompany trips for additional supervision. There are guidelines available for those parents who kindly volunteer.

  • Overnight Trips 
    Over the past few years only Year 6 have taken part in an overnight trip when they go to the end of year camp. We are looking to extend overnight stays further down the school to help students gain independence. We hope all years from 1-6 will get an overnight trip in the upcoming year.
  • Friday's Creativity Action Service (CAS)
    On a Friday afternoon, Upper Primary will be engaged in their CAS programme that somewhat mirrors the CAS programme in the Middle Years and Diploma Programme at secondary. Students will be divided into small, multi-year groups and rotate every 6 weeks or so to take part in a creative project, an action project or a service project. By the end of the year each student will have done 2 of each type of project. Students will keep reflective journals for their activities and over the course of Upper Primary have a big range of opportunities to work with teachers, outside professionals and with different community organisations.
  • Youth Entrepreneurship
    We encourage students to become active members of our community as they build their global citizenship awareness at UWC Maastricht. We have trained three Primary teachers in youth social entrepreneurship facilitation to support students to develop their ideas. We anticipate that initiatives that students will work on this coming year will be on environment, playground and peer mediation. Secondary have recently started a Student Council and will look at how Primary will work together to ensure a strong student voice across the whole school. 
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