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Vinesh Dijkstra

Vinesh is born on 21 august 1989 in Paramaribo, Suriname; after junior high in Nuth vinesh studied VOCO (Preparatory programme secondary education combined with Conservatory) at the Porta Mosana College in Maastricht. In 2007 Vinesh started at the Conservatory Maastricht and studied classical music (clarinet). In 2013 he succesfully finished his master studies clarinet at the Conservatory. Currently he is studying the Music in Education ‘intensive’ programme from the Conservatory in Maastricht.

Vinesh played principal clarinet in several youth orchestra’s, like the Euregional Amikejo Youth Symphony Orchestra and the European Wind Youth Orchestra. He also played in several operette orchestra’s and with many kind of ensembles such as the Belline Clarinetquartet, the conservatory woodwind quintet and more chamber music groups with singers and strings.

Vinesh teaches clarinet at different wind bands in Limburg, Sainte Cecile in Eijsden; Berggalm Klimmen; Philharmonie Sittard; Sint Cecilia Vaals.

Vinesh finished his bachelor education with a music theatre work of the piece L’histoire du Soldat of Stravinsky; he finished his master with a music theatre performance with music from Milhaud, Messiaen, Francaix and Bartok. He studied in his Master period with Thorsten Johanns and Leo van Tol.

Vinesh also followed masterclasses with Karl Leister, Antony Pay, Arno Piters and Ralph Manno.

Vinesh was prizewinner of the Prinses Christina Competition.

After his exam Vinesh focusses on music theater, performing and teaching.

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