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Vicky Sapouna


Vicky Sapouna is a flute player and music teacher born in Athens in 1984. She got the music teaching diploma from the "University of Macedonia" and graduated in flute with Philippe Benoit at Maastricht Conservatorium. She won the first prize in the “Youth Prague” competition.

Vicky Sapouna worked in the 24th School of Thessaloniki and joined as music coach the “Orlando music festival” and MIMA Music International NGO. Vicky Sapouna was a flautist with various orchestras, including the State Conservatory wind band of Thessaloniki, University of Macedonia Orchestra and currently, is a member of Maastricht Harmonieorkest "St. Peters and Paulos".

Vicky Sapouna refined her flute skills during many master classes with worldwide known musicians such as Trevor Wye, Peter Lucas Graff and Emily Beynon. She founded three Chamber Music ensembles (Calypso Trio, Ariadne Duo and Fluguido) participating in several concerts and festivals.

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