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Svein Odland

Guitar Acoustic/Electric

Svein Odland is a guitarist and guitar pedagogue from the Norwegian city of Bodø. After becoming interested in the instrument at an early age through rock and metal music, he developed a keen interest in the classical guitar from his early teenage years. This resulted in him winning the “Norwegian Music Competition for Youth” at the age of eighteen, and later the same year he would go on to give his first full-length recital in “Bodø Kulturhus”.

After this he went on to finish his Bachelor of Music at the “The Norwegian Academy of Music” in Oslo, receiving the highest grade on his final exam concert. He then continued his studies at Conservatorium Maastricht where he got the opportunity to join the class of the internationally renowned guitarist and pedagogue Carlo Marchione. Here he finished his Master of Music “Cum Laude” in 2009.

During the course of his studies, Svein was an active concert performer, playing at various festivals, and performing as a soloist, in chamber music settings, and as a soloist with orchestra.

After completing his studies Svein has dedicated himself to expanding his knowledge of a wide assortment of musical genres, and today he is active within a large variety of musical styles from, classical, pop and rock music to jazz and improvised music.

Guitar Ensemble course description:
The students that are already following individual guitar lessons will have the opportunity to play together with other guitarists of similar age and level in ensembles. This will be organised on a project basis leading up to different student performances. Playing in an ensemble is a good complement to the regular solo lessons as it further develops certain music skills already being focused on there. Sight reading, developing a common sense of time and dynamics, listening and reacting to the musical ideas of the other musicians, and being able to clearly communicate your own musical ideas, are a few of the things that will be worked on. It also develops social skills and the ability to communicate with the other musicians both verbally in the rehearsals, and with gestures and body language during a performance.

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